Rampage in WOT why did this game mode fail?

I agree that the rampage game mode should be removed and remade. As an above average player I found lone wolf missions impossible to win because you always ended up against some unicum player.

The team mode worked better and was actually fun but too few players meant long queue time.

I played with the rental tanks and could barely make a profit. I noticed that you payed repair cost for all of you 3 tanks even though you never used them all or they did not get damaged.

And the personal mission were very hard I only managed to do 4 of them.

So for all of the above reasons I stopped playing rampage.

My suggestions is that you make the repair of rental tanks much cheaper and that you should be able to use your existing crews in them (as in premium tanks)

This would make it much more interesting for the average wot player. And maybe implementing ranked or leagues so you don’t get pawned every time in lone wolf mode.

My first day as a Tier 10 driver

Today is the big day. I have finally reached the top tier in world of tanks with the fearsome Jagdpanzer E 100. The journey I started two years ago with the Panzerjäger 1 had come to an epic conclusion.

But sadly this is not a day of rejoice but a day of frustration an anger as World of tanks displayed itself in its most cruel form.

If you have played competitive online games you might know the feeling. Everything you try goes wrong and you walk from defeat to defeat.
Desperately trying tactics that used to work but all in vain.

When this happens I remind myself that I now is the time to quit the game and try something else. You mind simply get clouded with negative emotions and the game is far from fun.

So what went wrong you might ask? Is tier 10 games much harder than tier 9.

In retrospect I think you are getting more attention from artillery and medium tanks that will try to focus you down as Jagdpanzer E 100. Much more than I did previously as a Jagdtiger driver.
Because the enemy fear you alpha damage they will try to take you out quickly and that is something you have to get used to as a Jagdpanzer driver.

Secondly open maps and artillery is a really bad combo for a Jagdpanzer.

And lastly new tanks always takes a lot of practice to master even though this is not stock but fully upgraded.